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The Heartbleed bug allows hackers to steal information from internet users.
Mumsnet and Canadian Tax authority hit by Heartbleed bug

Mumsnet, the UK’s leading website for parents, and the Canadian tax authority have revealed that they have suffered data breaches at the hands of cyber criminals abusing the security vulnerabilities the Heartbleed bug has caused. The parenting site believes the … Continue reading

SMEs should support policies that allow staff to work outside the office.
SMEs should be supporting remote working

Employers, including small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), need to offer their staff the option of remote working in order to attract the right talent. According to Real Business, smaller businesses often struggle to entice and retain employees as they struggle … Continue reading

ORG is calling on the UK's biggest internet providers to explain how they will store and retain customer data.
Internet providers questioned over data retention

BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have all been interrogated over how they collect and store customer data, after a European Union (EU) ruling declared current practices unlawful. Last week, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) made … Continue reading

The Vatican wants people to be able to view all 82,000 manuscripts it has been storing for the last 500 years.
Vatican library goes digital

The Vatican Apostolic Library has embraced modern technology and has digitised almost 10,000 of its collection of manuscripts. The internet library is part of a project to make all 82,000 of its precious documents available online. Around 1,000 of the … Continue reading

The flaw leaves web users vulnerable to a data theft.
Servers at risk from the Heartbleed bug

A new computer bug has left hundreds of thousands of web and email servers vulnerable to cyber attackers, according to industry experts. The issue stems from a software flaw that allows malicious hackers to steal the cryptographic keys that are … Continue reading

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Welcome to Storetec Services, the UK’s award winning document scanning company.

At Storetec, we understand how important your paperwork can be. Not only do you need to access it at a moments notice, but it also needs to be safe, secure and legally admissible.

We are not a typical document scanning company!

Storetec differs greatly from a traditional document scanning company. Historically document scanning companies have evolved from the old microfilm scanning bureau’s or have been a box storage company who have decided to offer document scanning services. Storetec’s pedigree is different we were designed from the ground-up as a state of the art  document scanning company.

Storetec  in addition offers a full range of document storage solutions, with over 650 million documents being stored electronically in its free to use online document management system, FreeDocs. Physical document storage is also provided.   Our hybrid solutions combine the best of breed scanning with physical and electronic storage to offer bespoke services such as  Scan on demand .

Types of document scanning services we provide are:

In addition Storetec provides:-

We will ensure that your business’ needs are catered for, as well as providing sound advice and guidance for those who have not previously worked with the many advantages of document scanning.

Award Winning Document Scanning Company

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and our attention to detail. We were recently named the Outsourcing Bureau Business of the year at the Document Manager Magazine Awards. This followed on the back of winning ‘Business of the year’ at the Business Excellence Awards.

Storetec's main document scanning production floor

With state of the art facilities and expert, knowledgeable staff, we can take your documents from paper to electronic giving you 24 hour access to them online or alternatively store them in our secure, environmentally friendly facilities. This level of versatility ensures that everyone within your organisation will have the right document scanning solution for them.

Enquire today and find out how  Storetec, ‘the document scanning company’ can help you.