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Document scanning services

For most companies, dealing with paperwork is an important part of keeping the business organised – and you probably have a huge range of documents to deal with on a regular basis.

In today’s digital world, many newer documents may come to you already in digital format – but what about those that don’t? Scanning and filing a hard-copy of paperwork can be a time-consuming task and it’s likely that you have many years’ worth of archived paper documents taking up valuable floor space somewhere in your office.

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Here at Storetec, we recognise that there are many advantages to maintaining a computerised filing system, and that’s why we offer a document scanning service. We can help you to turn all of your paperwork – old and new – into digital files, creating a digital knowledge base that better supports your company’s needs.

A variety of  document services available

Depending on the nature of your business, you probably have a wide range of document types to deal with. Storetec’s array of document management services enables us to easily scan all of your files – and within a time frame that suits your needs. These include:

Day forward document scanning

Documents are collected and scanned on a regular basis, determined by the business needs. This gives you all the benefits of a paperless office and enables employees to work from digital documents, even with hard-copy originals.

Archive scanning and bulk document scanning

This is the option for companies that have large volumes of archive documents that need to be digitised. Storetec can provide a turnkey solution that includes collecting and scanning the documents and dealing with the old papers appropriately.

Record and medical scanning

By digitising client or patient records, organisations can quickly access crucial information. Our record and medical scanning services can complete such projects with a fast turnaround, while maintaining compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Drawings and large-format document scanning

From plans and graphics to maps and posters, this service is ideal for clients in the construction, architecture and manufacturing industries, as well as those with a focus on railways and highways.

Journals and book scanning

Many companies maintain vast libraries of data in a book-bound format. These useful resources can take up huge amounts of space and it can be difficult to find the right tome when it’s needed. With document scanning services, all of this information can become much more accessible.

Microfiche and microfilm scanning

Once considered the best way to store large volumes of information, microfiche and microfilm are expensive and under-used archives that can be easily transferred to a digital format as part of our document scanning services.

The benefits of a paperless office

Opting for document scanning services can help to create a more efficient office, saving your business time and money. There are many reasons to consider digitising your entire filing system – here are just some of the advantages:

  •  Simplify document management

Filing and retrieving paperwork can be a time-consuming task, but digitised documents are simple to handle, store, share, reproduce and modify as required. By going digital, you can reduce the amount of time your employees spend on finding the right information – and you can streamline customer service.

  •  Boost your green credentials

Reducing the amount of paper that’s in your office is a great way to increase the eco-friendliness of your organisation. This means not only avoiding printed documents, but also getting rid of paper-based archives. Once scanned, old documents can be shredded and recycled, and you won’t waste energy by heating and lighting the archives.

  •  Improve risk management

Losing important documents can be a big problem – for example, in the case of a fire, all of the data kept in paper files could be lost forever. With our services, all of the information can be backed up across multiple sites, and access can be restricted via security measures such as login-ins or PIN protection.

  •  Encourage collaboration and facilitate off-site working

Document scanning enables all of your files to be accessed from anywhere – in the office, working from home or during a business trip. It also simplifies collaboration, ensuring everyone can work from the most recent version of a document.

How does document scanning work?

While the services provided by Storetec do vary to some degree, most document scanning projects are carried out in a similar manner.

First, the documents to be scanned are gathered from the client’s premises. For small projects, this may simply mean picking up several archive boxes, while larger assignments may require a co-ordinated approach that spans several weeks.

Once the papers are all collected, they are transported to one of our UK document scanning facilities in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle or Hull. We work quickly to scan the documents, then the digital files uploaded to our secure document management system.

Finally, depending on client requirements, the original documents can be returned for archiving or securely shredded.

Get started with Storetec Services

As industry leaders in document scanning services, Storetec has extensive experience in document scanning. We are happy to advise on the best way to store your information and we can provide a complete service that includes packing and transporting the documents, scanning them, creating a document management system and dealing with the old papers as required.

Our services are available to clients across the UK, and we are also capable of working with international clients. We have our own fleet for travel within the UK, and use airfreight when a quick turnaround or overseas shipping are required.

To find out more about how Storetec’s document scanning services can help your company, get in touch today on 0800 612 5065, or request an instant quote.

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