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Case Studies

Council saves time thanks to drawing scanning

Council saves time thanks to drawing scanning

About the client

The client is a local government authority which provides all the usual services. We worked closely with the Bridges department on this project.

What they wanted

The Bridges department ensure the safety, integrity, construction and compliance of all foot, swing and lift bridges, underpasses, tunnels, parapets and culverts.

This department had hundreds of thousands of paper plans and drawings in various sizes. They also had a large amount of older plans stored on microfilm and microfiche.

The client chose our outsourced document management service to help convert these plans and drawings into electronic files.

What we did

First, our plan and drawing scanning team digitised the client’s large format documents. Then we scanned the correspondence documentation, which was in standard A4 size.

We processed the files as text-searchable PDF images and indexed them to match the client’s current filing system.

We converted and indexed the microfilm and microfiche from aperture cards and 35mm reels into PDF images.

Then we added the whole archive to our online hosting system, FreeDocs. This gives our client instant, 24/7 access to their files from anywhere in the world.

The paper documents were then securely shredded and recycled.

What they said

“Since starting the offsite scanning project we have been singularly impressed with the level of assistance, professionalism and attention to detail shown at all levels by Storetec.

“The quality of the drawing scanning has been very good, in some cases better than the originals.

“The fact that we can now retrieve any of our documents quickly and easily is saving the department a huge amount of time.”

Department Manager