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How this airline saved time and office space

How this airline saved time and office space

About the client

The airline operates over 800 flights each week from 18 UK and European airports and has provided business communities with essential transport links from the UK for over a decade.

With hubs at Aberdeen, Newcastle, Southampton, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds Bradford and the Isle of Man, the client is consistently one of the UK’s most punctual scheduled airlines.

What they wanted

Before using Storetec, finding documents was a problem for our client.

The airline processes over 100 flights per day, each with its own separate documentation such as tickets, flight manifests and crew information.

And they have to retrieve archived information regularly as queries from the security services, travel agents, airports and passengers can arrive up to 12 months after each flight.

They wanted a quicker, digital system that would help them save time on accessing information and free up office space.

What we did

We set up a schedule to collect and scan all the airline’s documents once a month. After document scanning, we add the digital files to our online document hosting system, FreeDocs.

This way the client has instant access to all its paperwork, and can answer queries involving passenger details, refunds and flight manifests much quicker and easier.

They’ve also saved space in the office, which has made for a much healthier working environment for the staff.

What they said

“The document scanning service has been such a great time saver. I can’t imagine how we ever managed without it.

“No more hours of filing or wading through archived files to find a document. We can now access our documents quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

“All the Storetec staff are friendly and helpful and I am particularly impressed with the support team who rectified a technical problem for us with such speed.

“I am delighted with Storetec’s services and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any other organisation.”

Operations Manager