Find out how your team can work more efficiently with these three tips.

3 ways get more organised at work

Hours, days, weeks and even months are lost because of issues relating to or stemming from being disorganised, both as an organisation and at an individual level within an enterprise. A lot of the time the severity of this is missed because the majority of people get their work done on time (even if that means working outside of contracted hours).

However, whether it is the knock-on effect of misfiling a paper document or the time spent looking through emails, disorganisation is ultimately damaging to a business insofar as it is unnecessarily expensive, unproductive and quite literally, a waste of everyone’s time.

Here’s our quick guide on how to streamline your workplace activities. Trust us, as hard as it will be from the outset, the end result is a more engaging, stress-free and, dare we say it, fun way of working.

Win the war against paper

You might not think it but everyday you’re engaged in a battle with paper. It’s a shrewd operator, adept at hitting you with a paper offensive when you least expect it, seizing control of your space without you even putting up a fight. Enough is enough. Step up and take the fight to them. This is a war you need to win, after which, you can reconcile yourself to a paper-lite relationship on your terms.

Two desk approach to work

A lot of this depends on space, both in terms of the size of your office and the number of employees you have, but a two-desk approach to work may help to keep you organised. The easiest way to think about this approach is to divide your workload into computer-focused activities and non-computer activities. While it could be on the same desk, it is best to create a physical divide. It’s a very subtle but effective way of keeping on top of things.

Go digital

Technology these days is so intelligent, so powerful, that you can do so much more with so very little. Just think of the smartphone and how ubiquitous its functionality is and you get an idea of how your work life can be enhanced through tech. Whether it is working electronically via the cloud or benefiting from the seamless transition of one device to another - unified communications - the future is certainly digital.

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