Change your life for the better by encouraging your office to go paperless.

7 annoying things you can wave goodbye to forever when you go paperless

You'll already know that making the move to paperless has benefits for the environment and that taking advantage of electronic document scanning and the cloud instead can increase collaboration and improve security in the workplace.

But for many office workers, these issues are part of the bigger picture and they have a few more immediate concerns in their day­to­day job.

Of course, you'll likely be concerned about the effects of deforestation for paper manufacturing on the planet, but there will be some more personal benefits that can be felt closer to home if your office goes paperless.

Here's seven annoying day­to­day office scenarios you can happily wave goodbye to when your organisation adopts a paperless approach.

Baffling filing systems 

Is the filing system in your office so impenetrable it turns your brain to mush ­ or plant matter perhaps, like this guy ­ every time you need to put a document away?

Image: Thinkstock/Photodisc

You might have found the right filing cabinet, but can you find the right folder or even work out the baffling system used to file documents away ­ because of course, ordering items alphabetically would be far too simple? Of course you can't.

Yet by going paperless and scanning documents electronically instead, a business can develop a new cloud­based filing system that all employees understand and are happy to use. Folders can be accessed by everybody from their computers, with most storage apps having a search bar that allows users to easily search for files. You won't just need to know the file's exact title or what letter it begins with either, as many apps enable you to search for a file based on any of the words it contains.

Goodbye baffled brain!

Running out of paper and/or ink

Printing is another bugbear of office workers up and down the country. You've worked out how to print a document, you've figured out which beige electric box is the photocopier and which is the printer and you've left the comfort of your seat to collect your documents, only to find that the printer has run out of paper and/or ink. A real head­desk moment.

Image: iStock/imtmphoto

But when you office goes paperless, you'll never have to experience this pain ever again! Sharing documents via the cloud allows teams to collaborate and add notes to files without the need for them to be printed or photocopied, saving you a lot of frustration and saving your company's procurement department a fair amount of money that would have usually been spent on paper and ink ­ and that means more money behind the bar at the next office social.

Paper jam

Another printer problem that ignites fear and dread into even the calmest of employees ­paper jam.

Image: iStock/HotshoeHeroes

You've made it to the printer, it's full of paper AND ink, you've pressed print ­ but nothing's happening. Curiously, you step closer to see what's happening on the printer screen. PAPER JAM, it says and you try not to cry.

You do the right thing,­ unplug the printer, lift its lid, locate the trapped paper and try to free it but it is well and truly jammed and will not move, even after you take the entire printer apart and waste a good few hours of your day talking to various people about your woes and how they can be fixed.

But by going paperless, you'll never have to deal with this corporate nightmare ever again a glorious thought.

Paper cuts

You can also improve the health and safety of your working environment and help to keep your office's first aid kit better stocked with plasters by making the move to paperless.

Image: iStock/Smithore

Many people believe there are few things more painful in life than sustaining a paper cut, especially if it's on the knuckle or on that little bit of skin between your thumb and forefinger (the purlicue, as we believe it's scientifically known).

Paper cuts are thought to be so painful because there are such a high number of nerve endings and pain receptors on the hands, but this is something you won't need to worry about ever again if you welcome paperless into your office.

Putting the fan on and losing everything you own

Offices can be pretty stuffy places during the summer months, meaning you'll probably spend June until late September accompanied by the constant whirr of the fan.

Image: iStock/Peter Booth

If there's a lot of paper lying around, this also means you'll be spending a great deal of time in the midst of a paper tornado. Although investing in a paper weight might be a short­term solution to the problem, adopting a paperless approach to business will lead to much greater benefits over the long term.

Embrace electronic document scanning to get rid of all that paper before next summer and you'll feel much more relaxed when it's time to turn the fan on again.

The shredder

While it might not be quite as baffling and troublesome as the printer, the shredder is still pretty annoying.

Image: iStock/Baris Muratoglu

The violent juddering noise and motion that shredders make haunts many people's dreams.

Shredded paper is a bit like glitter, in that it can get absolutely everywhere, tangled in your hair, stuck to the bottom of your shoes, anywhere but the vacuum cleaner it seems.

Stop using paper and you'll never have to deal with the whirr of the shredder ever again. And any security issues you're concerned about can be erased thanks to the cloud. You'll no longer need to leave confidential documents lying around that will later need shredding, as everything will be accessible online instead.

Many cloud­based apps allow you to decide who has permission to view certain documents or passwords can be added to particularly private files to keep security to a maximum.

Being crushed by a paper mountain

Ok, so being crushed by a paper mountain isn't necessarily the most pressing issue here ­although it's not an impossible reality.

Image: iStock/PeskyMonkey

A lack of organisation and an abundance of clutter can make it very difficult to concentrate and be productive at work ­ a tidy desk is a tidy mind as they say.

Removing paper from the workplace helps to erase these issues, while using the cloud to access documents can help to increase team collaboration and productivity ­ and, more importantly, prevent you from being crushed under a paper mountain.

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