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Accounts scanning – scan invoices and receipts into your accounting software

Accounts scanning – scan invoices and receipts into your accounting software

With the recent advances in technology, the information contained on your purchase invoices can now be captured and read. This data can then be structured in such a way to feed and update your accounting software. This removes the need for laborious and time-consuming data entry by your purchase ledger team.

Streamline the process of scanning your accounts documentation with Storetec's invoice scanning solution. Storetec can scan your invoices and receipts, output to any required format, and return to you via a secure downloadable link; encrypted USB; upload onto our cloud-based document management system, FreeDocs; or import directly into your accounting software.

Common uses of our invoice scanning service include:

✔️ Custom exports of captured data from invoices directly interfaced into your accounting system.

Eliminate the labour intensive process of processing invoices and data entry by outsourcing to Storetec, reducing the risk of error and saving time and resources. Storetec use industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture data from predetermined fields, such as name; date; invoice number etc. Captured data can then be transferred back to you via your preferred method, or Storetec can feed this data directly into your finance system, such as Sage; Oracle; or Pegasus.

️ Scanning archives of invoices to save space and to allow quick and easy access from any location.

Storetec can also archive legacy information for you, to retention periods. In addition, we offer a Scan-on-Demand service for boxes in storage, where we can scan back any files to you on request. 

️ Scanning paper invoices ad hoc with our digital mailroom service. 

By setting up a redirect or a PO box, Storetec will digitise all inbound mail upon arrival. Departmental documents can be forwarded electronically to your relevant department. In the case of some documents, i.e., invoices,  Storetec can capture and extract the data to feed your accounts back-office software systems using industry-leading OCR technology. Information such as client name, invoice number, PO number, etc., can be extracted from the mail and used to update your accounts systems. Cheques can be scanned and separated for return, but Storetec can also bank money on your behalf.


Cloud-Based Document Management

Digital copies of invoices can be uploaded into FreeDocs for 24/7 access from any location in the world. Search the entire database via pre-defined data fields, or via a content search utilising OCR technology to promptly and efficiently locate the invoice required.


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