Why Online Document Storage should be at the top of your Christmas List

All I Want for Christmas is… Online Document Storage

The festive season is upon us. People are embarrassing themselves at work parties while others are eating their weight in mince pies. Although the boardroom may be decorated with Christmas trees and tinsel, there are still some operational decisions that have to be made before the New Year begins.

Company directors are deciding where their business is going, what needs to be prioritised investment-wise, and how the company can enhance its presence. The Digital Age is very much upon is and that’s why it’s a great idea to opt for prioritising the switch from paper to digital.

What does switching to digital involve?

Does your business operate primarily through paper? If so, switching to digital is suited to you. When you choose digital over paper, it simply means that all of your paper documents will be transferred to an online storage tool; otherwise known as a cloud-based storage system. There is no need for paper, ring binders, or filing cabinets with this type of collection.

Is it easy to do?

In short, yes. It’s easy to do because you don’t have to do it. An appointed business that offers document scanning services, such as Storetec, will take the burden of switching off your shoulders. Your documents will be scanned and uploaded to a cloud-based system, from which you can access on-the-go and from any device you require.

How will this benefit my business?

There are a number of ways that switching from paper to digital can enhance your business.

1. They can be edited. If you’ve tried to edit a paper document, you’ll know that you’ve either ended up with lots of scribbles and crossing out or you’ve gone through a tonne of Tip-ex. Digital documents allow you to edit documents from your computer, with no trace left of the old information that is no longer required.

2. They save money. You’ll no longer have to allocate budget for printing, files, and filing cabinets. Instead, you can funnel this into your business however you wish.

3. It’s better for the environment. Businesses with ‘green credentials’ are seen in a more positive light by potential clients. Showing your customers that you share their values is something that can enhance a businesses’ likeability and credibility.

4. They are searchable. Hours that used to be spent physically searching for a piece of paper in a bulky filing cabinet can be reduced to just seconds.

5. They prevent damage and loss. It’s extremely easy to damage paper documents or files, as well as lose them. Storing your important files in an online system significantly reduces the chance of important documents being lost and damaged.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to digital this Christmas or New Year, as many businesses are currently doing, give us a call on 0800 612 4065 today or complete our online form.

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