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Cloud covered

Cloud covered

Many businesses are moving away from network installed document management systems and are moving toward cloud-based systems instead. Thsi si due to many factors such as the lack of versatility, the cost and resources associated with hosting and managing it, and security/compliance.

What do we mean by "cloud" in this context? The cloud refers to servers that are available on-demand over the internet, without direct management by the user. The cloud enables users to access files from any location or device because the hosting takes place on servers in a data centre, rather than locally on the users' device or server - making it incredibly versatile and the perfect solution for remote/hybrid working. 

Benefits of a cloud-based DMS

Hosted by a third-party supplier - Having a dedicated in-house IT team to maage the network is at a premium and not the case for most SME's. By transferring the responsibility to a hird-party supplier whoses primary job and expertise is to host and maintain the system, you can ensure your data is in the best possible hands. In addition, many suppliers are very easily accessible if any issues do occur, perhaps even more than your internal IT team who will have other day to day priorities. 

Advanced search capabilities - A DMA like FreeDocs has vast search capabilities which means employees can access documents quicker than ever before. FreeDocs has the capability of searching through 238 million records in just 4 seconds, ensuring that employees are using their time more efficiently. Such capability is far greater on a cloud-based system with computing power that can be upscaled seamlessly compared to an internal system with hardware limitations. 

Support remote/hybrid working - The cloud offers versatility and accessibility as users do not need to log in through a virtual private network (VPN) to collaborate. Operating on A,azon AWS cloud infrastructure, FreeDocs facilitates secure access from any location, at any time. This gives workers instant access to information that could otherwise take valuable time and resources to locate and access. Furthermore, FreeDocs' concurrent licensing structure facilitates effective collaboration, allowing teams to access the same information simultaneously from their individual remote locations. 

Security - Cyber threats are always evolving. Many SME's do not have the time or expertise to ensure network safety on their own. With a cloud-based DMS, your data is protected by numerous layers of security. FreeDocs is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud via an online portal, secured using password authentication and SHA256 encryption via a HTTPS connection. Additional secuirty features are available such as IP locking, Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-on (SSO) to facilitate compliance with all of your own internal security protocols. 

Scalability - The cloud is not limited to a certain amount of usage, unlike network installed DMS' which may require additional hardwareto provide sufficient storage and processing power. No matter if you are a small business with limited documents or an international corporation with massibe amounts, you can benefit from a cloud-based DMS. FreeDocs is instantly scalable to businesses of any size. You can instantly upscale or downscale your usage and storage space seamlessly, to keep up with fluctuations in demand. Your FreeDocs database can grow with your business.

Flexibility - With a cloud-based DMS, licenses can be added as needed by contacting your provider. Users can easily be given access to the system and new databases can be created and removed with minimal effort from you. A network installed system does not allow this type of flexibility. 

Integration from MS Office applications - With FreeDocs' new MS Office Uploader tool, you can add documents you are working on directly into FreeDocs. Just download the free add-in from the Microsoft Office add-ins store, log in to FreeDocs and click upload. A copy of the selected file will be added to the database of your choice - allowing all the accessibility, security, and other benefits of FreeDocs for your file immediately, all from your chosen Office product. 

Integration with line-of-business systems - Storetec's in-house software development team is constantly working on FreeDocs to create customer solutions to interface with client's own systems to improve their business operations. 

No upfront costs - FreeDocs has no upfront fees. We will even offer you a 3-month free trial to ensure you love the system before you commit.

Ongoing training - Your supplier should want you to get the most out of your system. At Storetec we don't want to see you struggle, we offer ongoing training for your team whenever needed, to ensure you have ongoing support and are using your system to its greatest potential. 


Are you interested in seeing these benefits for yourself or just want to explore your options? Contact our team today to get a free 3-month trial of FreeDocs. Our software development team can work alongside you to create a bespoke solution which meets your businesses requirements. We are available for Teams/Zoom calls at your request. We are confident you'll love it.

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