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Transform Your Document Management: Learn from Cadent Gas's Success with Storetec

Transform Your Document Management: Learn from Cadent Gas's Success with Storetec

Are you facing challenges when it comes to managing a vast amount of paperwork in your gas company? If so, we have an inspiring case study to share with you, showcasing how our document scanning services transformed the operations of Cadent Gas - a leading player in the industry.

What did we do for Cadent Gas?

Cadent Gas, like many gas companies, dealt with significant volumes of physical documents, including engineering drawings, maintenance records, and compliance documentation. Managing and retrieving these documents manually was time-consuming and hindered operational efficiency. That's when Cadent Gas turned to Storetec for a comprehensive solution. 

Storetec, a trusted name in document management, provided Cadent Gas with their cutting-edge scanning services. By digitising their paper documents, Cadent Gas experienced remarkable benefits:

Improved access and efficiency

Digitised documents enabled Cadent Gas to access information quickly and easily, eliminating the need for manual searches through paper files. This improved access and led to enhanced operational efficiency. 

Integration with their internal system

These documents are securely hosted via FreeDocs - our cloud-based EDMS. We mapped the plans into Cadent's own mapping system directly from FreeDocs, allowing them to select a region on their mapping system and produce any associated scanned plans within FreeDocs.

Enhanced collaboration and remote work

Digitised documents facilitated seamless collaboration among Cadent Gas's teams. Regardless of location, employees could easily share and work on digital files, fostering collaboration and enabling remote work arrangements. 

Cost savings

There is significant cost and efficiency savings by having instant access to historic plans as opposed to current digital plans. Cadent Gas can target the exact area for digging to locate the gas mains, avoiding costly exercises of digging multiple locations due to inaccuracies in the newer plans/revisions. 


We believe that Cadent Gas's success story with Storetec's document scanning services can serve as a valuable model for your gas company. By leveraging our expertise and advanced scanning technology, you can transform your document management and achieve similar benefits. 

At Storetec we understand the unique requirements of the gas industry and are dedicated to tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Whether it's scanning engineering records, compliance documents, or maintenance logs, we have the expertise to handle your document management challenges. 

Together, we can achieve operational excellence and drive your gas company's success.