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Document Scanning London

Document Scanning London

Storetec are market leaders in the document scanning industry and provide scanning, capture and online storage solutions to companies throughout the Capital.

It’s a well-known fact that office space in London can be hugely expensive and every square meter matters. With our document scanning solution, businesses can electronically access valuable documents quickly and efficiently, whilst saving valuable office space which could be put to better use! The office space that some of our clients have saved by simply scanning their paper archive has been astounding!

If you’re working for a business in London and are looking to scan the paper records in your department, you may ask yourself, where can I scan documents near me? Storetec operate throughout the UK, from: London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Southampton to Cornwall. We can take the stress away from businesses by providing a professional, outsourced service.

Document Scanning – London

How does document scanning work? 

Initially we like to have a face to face meeting which is offered free of charge, in order to understand your current circumstances, objectives and future scanning needs. At this meeting, we will review the archived documentation you may have and provide you with formal advice on the most cost-effective scanning solution, the various options regarding reviewing the digitised documents and the most appropriate fee structure to remunerate us. In most circumstances, this will result in a written proposal and recommendations being prepared for you, addressing the current project and recommendations for future scanning.


The logistics team will contact you to arrange the most convenient date and time to collect the documents from your premises, offsite storage or an incumbent storage provider.

We collect from across the UK and Europe, so it doesn't matter where you're based. The volume doesn't matter either, whether it’s a small project of several archive boxes or a large project of several thousand, we handle all of the logistics for you.

Once your boxes arrive we check them in and allocate each box a barcode tracking label. This allows us to know where your box of documents is at all times. It also means that if you need access to your information, quickly, we can accelerate the digitisation process and have the images available to you in the shortest time possible.


Once in production each box of documents is allocated to a member of our preparation team who remove all fastenings, folders, staples, paperclips and bindings. Each team member of only allocated 1 box at a time and completes the preparation of this box before commencing a new one. This eliminates any chance of document cross contamination during the document scanning phase.

All the documents we convert are processed in full compliance with British Standard Institute BIP0008, 'Evidential weight and legal admissibility of information stored electronically'. This is essential in ensuring the authenticity and content of the electronic images can never be questioned.

FreeDocs or Return

We work quickly to convert your paper documents into digital images. We can return the digital images to you either electronically or on portable media. Alternatively you may choose to access the images online using our Cloud based hosting system, FreeDocs. If you wish we can send them back using FTP or SFTP, or we can return the images to you on a hard drive or memory stick.

Data Capture – London

In addition to choosing Storetec to digitise their paper documents, many of our London based clients opt to use our data capture services. Using the scanned document, we will capture any specific information required and populate this into a Excel spreadsheet or other format required. Data Capture can be exceptionally useful for businesses in London who deal with large influxes of: invoices, surveys, correspondence or form styled documents. We can even export the data into your preferred office finance system, whether that’s Oracle, SAP, Pegasus or Sage.

Cloud-Based Document Management – London

Storetec’s cloud-based document management system FreeDocs, is one of the safest, most reliable Document Management Systems available and is the perfect solution to find, share and protect your information. We can digitise and host all your documents online, whether they’re text, image or video based. On FreeDocs, you can benefit from advanced OCR search tools which can search through 283 million records in 4 seconds.

The majority of our scanning clients opt to use FreeDocs as their document management system following project completion. FreeDocs has been designed with scalability in mind. With unlimited users and data usage, businesses can improve the flow of information between offices on a global scale. This is perfect for businesses who have offices in London as well as other Capitals such as Tokyo, Sydney and New York. We have thousands of users who use FreeDocs, who work across many diverse sectors from the NHS and Local Authorities through to some of the world’s largest manufacturers and service providers.

Winner of 2019 Product of the Year in 2019, FreeDocs has vast workflow capabilities including document signing features. The system also boasts high security features including: data encryption, complete audit trails, multi-user access and secure lifetime backup. The system can be personalised to replicate any custom file tree structure and can even be branded with the client’s logo and colour scheme.