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How book scanning is revolutionising academic institutions, museums and libraries

How book scanning is revolutionising academic institutions, museums and libraries

In recent years many academic institutions, libraries and museums have contacted Storetec for specialist book scanning services. The information within books can be of great importance and value, which is why the requirement to digitise and safeguard this information is so great. Storetec’s book scanning service provides organisations with a contingency plan to protect their archives from the worst-case scenario; that the books are accidentally lost, damaged or destroyed.

However, digital access to books not only acts as a backup. Specialist book scanning also has several other benefits:

  • Digital information can be shared around the world and is accessible any time, any day. This would be extremely useful to individuals who require access for academic research to improve knowledge and understanding.
  • Digitised books can be integrated into existing systems, with metadata attached to the images. This means that texts will be searchable by specific keywords, so people can source the information they require quickly and efficiently.
  • By safeguarding the information within books, organisations are preserving history and ensuring that people can continue to learn from books for generations to come.

Our book scanning technicians have a wealth of experience in digitising original documentation. If required, we can apply image enhancement and restoration to any poor quality or aged books to improve the image quality.

Storetec can provide destructive and specialist non-destructive scanning depending on your requirements. Non-Destructive scanning means we will keep the spine or bindings in tact to uphold the integrity of the document. For more information on book scanning services, please contact us today.