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How much are your filing cabinets really costing you?

How much are your filing cabinets really costing you?

Cost-cutting is a strategy that many businesses have been undertaking to survive the Coronavirus pandemic. Sales have been slow during the pandemic, so cutting costs can help to keep cash flow positive while sales get back to normal.

It's impossible to know the exact rent that businesses can be expected to pay for office space in every UK location. Still, for example, in London City, according to Statista 2020, it is around £75.00 per square foot annually. One 4-drawer cabinet occupies about 9 square feet of floor space; therefore, it will cost a business £675.00 per year, every year. How many filing cabinets do you have in your office, and how much are these costing you? Digital access to documents means you no longer have to pay ongoing storage fees to retain your paper archives.

Let us take the hassle away and outsource your document scanning to Storetec. This will be more cost-efficient than investing in equipment, software, and workforce. Storetec uses a range of specialist scanning equipment that generate high-quality images and keep costs down due to their speed.

Keeping a paper archive can also be expensive to ensure long-term document protection and preservation. Paper documents are especially vulnerable to permanent damage from fire and flooding etc. As a result, archiving should take place in a secure offsite facility. At Storetec, all files are stored on high-density shelving units protecting them from dust and moisture. The warehouse is a climate-controlled environment and has fire detection and prevention systems, so you can be reassured that your archive is in good hands.

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