How can you have a merry paperless Christmas this year?

How to have a paperless Christmas

Document scanning may not be the most festive of subjects for us to talk about in the run-up to December 25th, but taking simple steps to make your workplace paperless and therefore more environmentally-friendly is sure to leave you feeling all warm inside this Christmas.

From sending ecards to colleagues to recycling all the wrapping paper waste after the Secret Santa gift swap, here's how to make your office more environmentally-friendly this festive season.

Paperless greetings

Although sending traditional greetings cards remains the most popular option for well-wishers at Christmas time, with 89 per cent preferring to send messages to their loved ones this way, ecards are becoming increasingly popular.

According to figures from Royal Mail, 11 per cent of UK residents wished their friends and family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year via ecard in 2014 - a figure that could be set to rise even further this year as even more people embrace the concept of paperless.

Those who are unsure as to what a festive ecard should comprise of may wish to take inspiration from Royal Mail's list of the most popular Christmas card images of 2014. Snowy scenes were favoured by 24 per cent of senders, with 18 per cent preferring amusing designs, while nativity scenes and traditional Christmas tree images both received nine per cent of the vote.

Recycle waste

Although your workplace may have taken steps to become more paperless by moving its filing system to the cloud, seasonal events such as the office Secret Santa present swap cannot take place without a certain amount of paper waste.

According to government figures published in 2013, the volume of Christmas wrapping paper waste thrown away by people in the UK each year would be enough to stretch from Earth to the moon, meaning it's vital this is recycled to prevent damage to the planet.

If you'd prefer to go 100 per cent paperless in your office, why not discourage staff from wrapping these presents and instead just adding gift tags to them? You can turn this into a group activity by placing everything in a big Christmas stocking, giving everyone the chance to have a laugh about the gifts as they are pulled out.

Here at Storetec, we wish you all a very merry environmentally-friendly paperless Christmas. Get in touch with us today to find out how we could help your workplace in 2016 and beyond.

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