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It’s All Up in the Air: Cloud Storage and Digitisation

It’s a fact: human beings like to acquire ‘stuff’. Whether it’s buying the novelty fridge magnet when you’re on holiday, that extra shirt you really don’t need or the paperback you probably won’t get round to reading, we simply cannot help ourselves when it comes to collecting and hoarding items. Having acquired all these bits and pieces, however, we then have to make room for them in our lives and find somewhere to keep them when they’re not in use.

A similar scenario plays out in our ‘online’ lives, too, with constant downloads of data, files, videos and images all cluttering up valuable desktop space and computer memory. For that reason, the last couple of years have seen exponential growth in the use of so-called ‘cloud’ storage systems, online storage systems hosted by a third party which mean people don’t have to save colossal amounts of data to their personal computers.

Cloud Storage: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s not as nebulous as you think. Put simply, cloud storage means saving data to an off-site system which is operated and maintained by a hosting company, which means it doesn’t have to take up valuable space in your own computer’s memory. The advantage to cloud storage is that all you need to get to your data is an internet connection, meaning you can log in and access all the information you want anywhere and at any time.

While some people do express concerns about the safety of information stored on the web, cloud storage may in fact be safer than conventional methods when it comes to preserving important data. If you have backed up your data on a CD or DVD, there’s always the danger it will be damaged, lost or even stolen, while simply accumulating files on your computer is impractical and runs the risk of you losing them if your computer breaks down beyond repair.

Document Digitisation: The Advantages

For most companies, large and small, reliance on paper records is coming to an end. Maintaining vast document archives with limited space is becoming harder, and in an era when most people expect instant results from simply tapping a few keywords into a search bar, manually sifting through physical records is a task which takes up valuable time and manpower.

In many industries, simply destroying these records is also off the cards, which is where digitisation can play its part. Over the past couple of years, Storetec has seen a leap in the number of organisations showing an interest in having their paper documents digitised and uploaded to our cloud-based storage system, FreeDocs. Using the very latest in scanning and image capture technology, we are able to preserve entire back-catalogues of records and convert them to compact digital files which are then safely and conveniently stored online, where they can be instantly and easily accessed whenever and wherever they are needed.

We know that in many cases these records are confidential or highly sensitive, and we take security concerns very seriously. All documents which are uploaded to our cloud system are protected, and you’ll be issued with a username and password to ensure that only you can gain access to them. You should think of the FreeDocs cloud as your very own virtual filing cabinet, easily accessed 24/7 and saving you and your business space, time and money. To learn more about the services Storetec offer and how cloud storage could help you go paperless, contact our expert team today!

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