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Large Format Scanning Services

Large Format Scanning Services

Storetec provide professional large format scanning services to a range of businesses across the UK and worldwide. Over the years we have invested in many state-of-the-art scanners including industry leaders, Widetek and Contex, giving us the ability to scan documents up to 1.2m wide!

From: A3, A2, A1, 2A0 to 4A0, our experienced scanning operatives will handle your documents with care and capture the best possible electronic image.

We can scan any type of large format drawing you have, whether this it’s on vellum, paper, transparency or any other type of drawing paper, for example:

  • Seismographs
  • Cardiographs
  • Utility Plans
  • CAD
  • Construction Plans
  • Blueprints
  • Architectural drawings
  • Maps
  • Mechanical/engineering drawings

As part of Storetec’s scanning service, we can digitise your large format documents in black and white, colour and greyscale, and convert these into any format required:

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PDF

Scanning Large Artwork

In the past, Storetec have been asked to digitise rare and one-off paintings, posters and drawings. For such projects, we can scan the drawings at a high DPI resolution to ensure high-quality images, whilst guaranteeing the integrity of the physical document.

Large Format Scanning Services Near Me

Recognised as Scanning Bureau of the Year in 2018, Storetec have scanned large format documents belonging to businesses operating in pretty much every city across the UK! Some of which include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Edinburgh, Belfast, Newcastle and Coventry! This is possible due to our ever-expanding logistics department who will collect the large format drawings from your office, no matter where you're based. As an additional service, we can also supply you with secure flat pack boxes (specially designed to hold fragile drawings) and provide on-site packing services. 


If you’re thinking about scanning your large format drawings, why not contact Storetec today and arrange a free on-site audit?