Is 2017 the year you become Paperless?

New Year’s Resolutions? Now’s the Time to go Paperless…

’s that time of year again. We’ve polished off the last of the mince pies, packed away the tinsel and now the hard work begins, as everyone enters the bleak of January on a self-improvement drive. A handful of days into 2017 and you may well have set (and broken) a few New Year’s resolutions, most of which will have been about making yourself a better person – shedding the extra pounds you put on over Christmas, cutting down on the alcohol or even taking up a new language.

However well you’re doing in the pursuit or a better you, remember that New Year’s resolutions don’t just have to be for your personal life. Harnessing some of that positive New Year energy and those good intentions can also extend into the world of work, and setting a few goals for the office or for your business can be a great way to kick-start the year. And since this is a time for fresh starts and reinventions, what better time to consider taking your office paperless?

New Year, New Start

If there’s one resolution you adopt for your workplace, make it a promise to go paperless. Despite all the changes which advances in technology have wrought over the past couple of decades, countless offices the length and breadth of the country are still heavily reliant on outdated and often ineffective paper-based systems. Not only does retaining a large paper archive take up a large amount of valuable floor space, but the hours which staff need to put into sifting through such documents can be considerable.

In almost every other aspect of our lives we are used to having instant access to information, with the world just a swipe of the screen or click of the mouse away. Converting your paper archives to digital makes sense then – once your paper records have been digitised they can be accessed any time and from anywhere, allowing you to quickly and easily search for the information you want without the need to wade through files and files of paperwork.

The Best Time to Make a Change

The New Year is the ideal time to make a change. In this wintry, post-Christmas slump, many business find things are slow and there’s more time available to implement a few changes and make some improvements to the way things work. You might have shaken up your personal life with a few resolutions, so do the same for the office.

With Storetec’s help, going paperless is an easy resolution to keep. Once you’ve signed up we can help you keep on top of your records by digitising them as you go along, and we’re even able to provide you with a Digital Mailroom to reduce the amount of physical incoming and outgoing mail. Using the most advanced scanning technology, our expert team can quickly digitise your entire paper back catalogue and have it safely stored in our easy to access cloud-based system, FreeDocs.

Password protected and shielded behind layers of encryption, your documents are kept safe and ready for you to use whenever you need them. A digital archive means countless man-hours saved and valuable office space freed up for better use, so if you make one change for the start of 2017, make it going paperless. For more information on the services Storetec provide, simply get in touch with us today.

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