An interview with our Production Manager - Scott Stone

Scott Stone takes the stage in Storetec's new #MeetTheTeam

What is your name and position within Storetec?

"Scott Stone, Production manager"

How long have you worked at Storetec for?

"I have worked at Storetec for 5 and a half years"

What are your day to day job responsibilities?

"My job is the day to day management of the production department, making sure we meet deadlines which are completed to a high quality. Once we receive jobs from the warehouse, I have to organise and prioritise which jobs are to be allocated to each scanning area along with which staff are to be assigned to specific jobs”

How did you get into working in document management?

"I was working in Scunthorpe and it was a nightmare with travel living in Hull especially in the winter. I was working in the food industry and it just wasn’t for me working as a team leader in a bacon producing factory. It was good at times though because we used to get free bacon sandwich’s on dinner, I enjoyed that”

What do you like about your job?

"I like the challenge of role, the challenge of dealing with different types of people, different types of jobs and the overall pressure that comes alongside”

What DON’T you like about your job?

"If the Directors see this, a pay rise wouldn’t go a miss!”

Have you worked in other departments within Storetec?

"I started my time here as a preparation team leader and have progressed to being the Production Manager."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

"Hopefully still with Storetec in a higher management role. Oh and earning a fortune."

Why do you think Document Scanning is important?

"I actually do! Nowadays, everything is going digital, people want information quickly.

I’m sure if had a company, with documents everywhere, I’d not want to risk losing any of them to fire or flood. Having everything digitised and held in the cloud would ensure my critical information was safeguarded"

Finally, give us 1 interesting fact about yourself (which may not be known by colleague’s)

"On a weekend I’m called Susan…don’t actually write that down though!

I nearly made it as a professional footballer. I was Hull City U14’s captain and I made it through to the last 11 of their Centre of Excellence. I was a strong centre back, a bit like Hull City’s, Michael Dawson. My footballing dreams ended with a tragic knee injury which curtailed my superstardom."

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