Introducing the Digital Mailroom - the automated mailing process.

The Digital Mailroom

Introducing the Digital Mailroom - the automated mailing process. Through the use of document capture and scanning technology, the document handling system can now be changed away from its manual past, making for a significantly easier and refined distribution process.

The Digital Mailroom involves digitising the internal workings of receiving, classifying, distributing and storing your organisation’s mail correspondents, a service which we offer through the Kofax software.

The digital process starts with opening and scanning received post, before using intelligent capture technology to classify the incoming documents into their different categories, such as an invoice. They’re then sent on to the relevant departments or team members, this perhaps being the finance team in the case of the invoice, with the document then stored for a short period before being shredded.

Incorporating the digital mailroom into your business can bring about a reduction in the company time and resources spent on manually handling incoming mail, with the automated process taking the difficulties out of the communication system and simplifying how documentation is dealt with.

We can secure this change for your business, and allow you to abandon the slow and inefficient process of the past. The transition to the Digital Mailroom is easy, meaning you can close the door on outdated document handling smoothly, and bring about the benefits of cost and efficiency quickly. 

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