What challenges do rapidly increasing memberships bring for health clubs?

Why health clubs should get their document storage in order now

As a nation, we are shelling out more and more on our fitness. Despite the lingering effects of the economic downturn, Brits are apparently unwilling to sacrifice their spending on health and wellbeing, and this trend shows no signs of slowing.

The scale of growth in gym memberships

This, of course, is music to the ears of health clubs across the country. According to advertising and technology firm Cardlytics, British consumer spending on gym memberships surged by more than two-fifths in the 12 months to July, while budget chains such as Pure Gym and the Gym Group saw customer numbers climb by two-thirds over the same period.

And it's not just the low-cost brands that are benefiting from the fitness buzz; mid and high-end brands like Gymbox, Virgin Active and Fitness First have capitalised on the boom with significant growth of their own.

Market research firm Mintel also believes the future looks bright for health clubs. At present, almost four in five adults claim to have at least one health or fitness goal, and yet only just over a tenth actually use a gym.

Despite this, Mintel believes further growth is on the way: "The indications for the private health and fitness club sector remain promising, with the continued rise of budget gyms helping to break down the barriers associated with more established clubs; namely cost, location and the commitment of entering long-term contracts."

What challenges does this present for gym owners?

While rapidly increasing membership numbers is obviously good news for the health club industry, it also presents certain challenges that must be addressed. One of these issues is the ability to store and save swathes of customer information in a way that makes it easy to access at a moment's notice.

With the new year – traditionally a boom time for gym subscriptions – approaching fast, companies in the sector should act fast to get their document storage systems in order.

Fortunately, Storetec is here to help. While document storage may not sound like the top priority for the average gym-goer, the ability to deliver better service by creating a fast and easy-to-use digital archive for all customer details should not be underestimated.

Storetec can transition your document storage system into the digital world, meaning the information you need can be accessed instantly. Of course, the less time you spend searching for individual documents or managing paper archives, the more time you'll have to look after your all-important customers.

Contact Storetec today to find out more about how our document storage services could help your health club.

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