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Why is FreeDocs document management system beneficial for me and my business?

Why is FreeDocs document management system beneficial for me and my business?

Do your team have the right technology they need to work effectively? With many teams working remotely the past two years, having access to essential documentation at all times is vital for productivity.

Support remote working

FreeDocs document management system offers significant benefits to businesses that utilise remote working. Operating on the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, FreeDocs facilitates secure access from any location, at any time. This gives workers instant access to information that could otherwise take valuable time and resources to locate and access. Furthermore, FreeDocs' concurrent licensing facilitates effective collaboration, allowing teams to access the same information simultaneously from their individual remote locations.


Keep documents safe and secure. Digital documents are secure on a computer rather than being a loose sheet of paper that can easily be misplaced, this is especially important when working with sensitive information. Specific documents can be restricted for only key personnel to access, limiting access to confidential information such as employee files, accounts information, etc. With access to detailed audit trails providing information on the date, time, and action, you can monitor what information employees are accessing.

Search capabilities

Did you know it can take up to 30 seconds to search for a paper document in a filing cabinet? Turn this into 4 seconds with a document management system. FreeDocs has vast search capabilities which means employees can access documents quicker than ever before. FreeDocs has the capability of searching through 238 million records in just 4 seconds, increasing employee productivity as they are using their time working more efficiently.


With the ability to apply advanced indexing fields to your documents, you can run custom reports to identify records that are due for evaluation for retention reasons or as part of GDPR compliance.


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