Find out about the digital revolution and what it means for charities.

Why it isn’t too late for charities to get with the digital programme

The digital revolution? What about it, you ask? Well, it’s happened already, it’s a matter of fact and today, in 2015, we’re living in the aftermath. There’s a lot still going on, plenty of innovation continuing to change things, but the upheaval bit, that’s done and dusted.

Hang on a moment, you say, let me get this right. Did you say the digital revolution has already taken place? Yes indeed. It’s like so over. Where have you been? That’s a question the non-profit sector has difficulty answering. Unlike other sectors, modern technology has not had that much of a seismic impact on organisations that aim to have a positive impact on the world.

According to a new study, titled the New Reality, it’s not too late. While some enterprises have made notable progress in going digital, many have not - most are in the same boat. As such, within the sector, it isn’t as if you are alone in not being up-to-date with all things tech.

However, the road ahead is not going to be easy. There are plenty of challenges facing organisations and, as Julie Dodd, author and research lead of the paper states, “there is no magic wand to wave” whereby a third sector organisation becomes a technology rich enterprise.

You have to be patient and, as Ms Dodd explains, if you consider the six core areas when planning for a digital makeover, you can go a long way in establishing strong foundations for any project that results in a total upgrade for your enterprise.

These include leadership, culture, infrastructure, innovation, funding and service delivery, effectively all the hallmarks of a contemporary business (culture and innovation being more recent).

Collectively, investment in each of these will establish a robust framework whereby, like the title of the paper, you find yourself a part of “the new reality”. Being a charity/non-profit that is markedly more digitally astute will be at first painful - when you making the move from old to new - but in the end it will be invigorating. It marks a positive step forward.

Think of it this way, the paper is based on the advice, thoughts and deliberations of over 50 senior leaders and digital experts in and outside of the non-profit sector. That’s a lot of invaluable insight you simply cannot ignore.

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