The importance of becoming more 'green'.

Why sustainability can transform you into a innovative enterprise

The public debate about our relationship with the environment and the implications of climate change has increased significantly since the turn of the century, more so over the last decade. While it remains a polarising topic, many people, from all walks of life, can at least agree on the importance of being more green.

At a personal and professional level, this is commonly achieved through active recycling, better energy consumption and sustainability. All three are reasonably easy to bring about.

And, rather brilliantly, the benefits of this extend to the individual and enterprise in question. The latter is the focus of this piece, which will be followed up by similarly themed features and guides.

To be green is to be pioneering

As, Keivan Zokaei, principal consultant at SA Partners LLP, eloquently explained two years ago in an article for the Guardian: “When we prevent physical waste, increase energy efficiency or improve resource productivity, we save money, improve profitability and enhance competitiveness.”

Pursuing a green agenda, therefore, is synonymous with best practice and moreover, it is the kind of disposition that is typical of an organisation at the forefront of innovation. Simply put, the advantages with being a more environmentally friendly enterprise are hard to deny.

How to be more sustainable

We will look at this in more detail in later posts, but for now an overview will give you a glimpse into how to become more sustainable. Although it is a lot easier than you might expect it to be, progressing to such a position will bring with it challenges.

At the heart of this transition is a reduction in the consumption of resources (like electricity and paper); diminishing your carbon footprint (through encouraging staff to use public transport or being flexible in where people work); and using technology more effectively (going digital has so many positive implications).

Be ahead of the game

Take the lead today and position yourself as an organisation that is not only ahead of the game but wired into the realities of the implications its actions have on the planet. As the World Wide Fund for Nature has noted, “no matter what we’re passionate about, something will be affected by climate change”.

In becoming more sustainable, not only do you reap the personal benefits of doing so, you also send out a powerful message to other organisations to step up their efforts. After all, they will aspire to be the kind of enterprise that you are, which is one that sets the benchmark to excellence. Oh and the bar for this position is very high.

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