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Document Management Magazine 

The DM Magazine is a nationally recognised publication within the document management industry.

As leading document scanning and document storage providers, we're regularly invited to share our knowledge and industry experience. Have a quick read of some of our editorial contributions below: 

Document Manager Magazine May June 2021 Cover

Back to normal?

1st May 2021
dm magazine mar april 2021 cover

CSR - Towards a greener way of working

1st March 2021
DM jan feb 2021 front cover

Digital mailroom: restoring postal order

1st January 2021
DM magazine nov dec 2020 cover

Could the pandemic deliver a paperless reality for law firms?

1st November 2020
dm magazine sept oct 2020 front cover

The changing face of the office

1st September 2020
dm magazine july august 2020 cover

Digital mailroom: Revolutionising claims handling processes

1st July 2020
dm magazine may june 2020 cover

Can working from home become the new normal?

1st May 2020
dm magazine march april 2020 cover

Digital mailroom: reducing the impact of Coronavirus

1st March 2020
GDPR: Another fine mess

GDPR: Another fine mess

1st January 2020
dm magazine nov dec 2019 front cover

Making a better bureau

1st November 2019
dm magazine sept oct 2018 front cover

Putting digital on the map at the NHS

1st September 2019
DM Magazine Jul-Aug 2019

Storetec Case Study

1st July 2019