To insurance companies and brokers, information is the central resource of the organization. Storetec have specially designed document scanning and data capture services, tailored to insurance firms, with the aim of improving speed and efficiency within organisations. The sensitive nature of many documents handled by insurers places stringent demands on document scanning security.

Storetec Services are audited annually and consistently achieves the ISO 27001:2013 for information security. By adhering to FCA and PRA regulations, you can give a better service to clients.

GDPR 2018

The GDPR, which comes into effect on May 2018, affects all data processors and controllers that handle EU residents’ personal data. Being data controllers, insurance companies will be affected by this new legal framework and can prepare by: Reviewing all data processing activities. Ensure that the appropriate measures have been implemented for each of these processing activities. Ensure the correct procedures are in place for reporting data breaches.

Storetec Recommends

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    Free up space, save money on your storage costs and enjoy a quicker, easier way to find, access and share your archive.

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  • Insurance


    Scan your documents as and when you need them so you can plan and manage your budget much easier.

    Perfect if you're...

  • An organisation who wants the paper archive stored in a secure, purpose built facility. 
  • An organisation who would like to request a stored document from wherever you are in the world.
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  • Insurance


    Save time, save space and gain peace of mind knowing your vital data is in safe hands.

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Why choose Storetec

  • 1

    Follow FCA & PRA regulations

    We can store, shred and recycle your paper archive in line with your document retention system. And we can host, protect and back up your data online on our fast, secure system, FreeDocs. With a plan like this in place, you’ll find it easier to follow Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) regulations.

  • 2

    Respond quicker to your clients

    Our scan on demand service lets you request a document whenever you need it and have a scanned copy back to you within four working hours. You’ll also have instant, 24/7 access to your data in the cloud. This helps you respond quicker to your clients and give better service.

  • 3

    Save space by going paperless

    With off-site box storage and a digital archive for all your documents, there’s no need for hefty filing cabinets anymore. So you’ll stay free of paperwork, gain office space and boost your eco credentials at the same time.

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