Public Sector.

We work with schools, colleges, universities, charities, the NHS and government organisations across the UK. So we know how to digitise and protect sensitive information like yours.

Sector Sections

  • Public Sector


    Gain more time for your patients and protect your confidential documentation.

    Storetec have worked with numerous NHS hospitals and ambulance trusts throughout the UK.

    Find out how GDPR 2018 will affect the way you manage personal information. 

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  • Public Sector


    Storetec provide a quicker, easier, way to scan, store and protect your documents.

    Our complete outsourced service manages and safeguards your data throughout its entire lifecycle. 

    GDPR is fast approaching, find out how the legal framework will affect the way your organisation processes information. 

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  • Public Sector


    Safeguard your students’ records and save time accessing your documents.

    With Storetec's online hosting system FreeDocs, you can access your digital documents instantly, anytime, anywhere. 

    Storetec understand that managing pupils personal information is of utmost importance to educational organisations, ensure your organisation is GDPR compliant and safeguard your pupils details today. 

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  • Public Sector


    Gain peace of mind knowing your documents are in safe hands.

    Storetec have worked with charities, local authorities and other not-for-profit organisations across the UK and worldwide. 

    We have years of experience and knowledge in scanning, storing and protecting documents like yours. Find out how the new data protection act, GDPR, will affect how your organisation processes personal information. 

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Enjoy a hassle-free way to digitise your documents

When you outsource to Storetec, you can leave the logistics and hassle of document scanning and management to us.

We can pick up, catalogue, digitise, store and shred your paper documents for you. And we can set up regular collections to keep your digital archive up to date.

Get back more time for your clients, patients or students

With our hosting system, FreeDocs, you can get to your digital documents instantly. 

That means you have more time for what matters most to you. Whether that’s teaching and learning, giving the best care to your patients or serving your clients and customers.

Find, manage and share your data quicker and easier

We can match the folders in your digital archive with the physical filing system you already have. That way everything is where you expect it to be. 

And you can set up your digital archive so each department can only see their own data while your Head Office can have access to the whole archive.

Safeguard your sensitive data

We protect your patient, student or client data with ironclad encryption software. And only those with the password can access it. 

This helps you follow all the relevant regulations, such as the Data Protection Act (1998) and NHS Information Governance procedures.

Your digital archive also acts as a secure backup. So you have the peace of mind to know your information is safe in case of fire, flooding or other disasters.

Avoid the risks of document retention

You can index and label your digital archive securely in the cloud. 

So whether your documents need to be destroyed after 30 days or 30 years, it will be quick and easy to find them when the time comes.

Get instant, 24/7 access to your data from anywhere in the world

We store your digital documents on our powerful cloud-based hosting system, FreeDocs. 

This gives you a much more streamlined way to access, share and manage your data across your departments and Head Office. 

Gain from our experience and knowledge in your industry

We work with schools, colleges, universities, charities, the NHS and government organisations across the UK. 

So we know how to scan, digitise, store, destroy and protect sensitive information like yours. Whether it’s patient and medical records, plans and drawings, microfilm or microfiche.

Go paperless, save space, be greener

Do you know your paper documents take up over 18% of your office space? You could be putting this space to better use.

After we digitise your paper documents, we can securely store them in one of our dedicated storage facilities, or shred and recycle them if you need us to. 

So you can free up office space and give another boost to your eco credentials.