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The Challenge

Information has always been a company’s central resource and without an effective record management system, how can a company access or utilise this information? By not recording existing and archived documents, your business cannot effectively monitor productivity and trends. It’s fair to suggest that without an effective records management system, your business cannot excel beyond its capabilities.

Irrespective of these underlying challenges, the enforcement of GDPR in May 2018 will mean that businesses must adhere to new legal framework which involves establishing an effective records management system. The GDPR sees significant enhancements in workers individual rights including ‘the right of access’ and the ‘right to erasure’. Subsequently, businesses must ensure all files and documentation is easily accessible. Businesses are also required to keep a record of personal data held, the source of the data and which employees have access to the data. Again, this is only achievable by operating an up to date records management system.

As advised by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office):

“Implementing the GDPR could have significant resource implications, especially for larger and more complex organisations. You may find compliance difficult if you leave your preparations until the last minute.” 

Take advice from the experts and prepare for GDPR in advance.

Your Opportunity 

We understand that the challenge of ensuring your business is GDPR compliant may be overwhelming; however, there is a solution. By appointing Storetec as your Document Management Consultant, you are giving your business the best possible opportunity in becoming a credible company adhering to legal regulations.

At Storetec, we don’t just offer advice, we offer a service too. You can reply on our experienced document management consultants to provide expert advice and guidance through the whole process. We also have the skills and knowledge to implement a bespoke strategy to your company to ensure compliance is met. 

Some of the first-class services we provide are:

Record Management Policies

We can create and implement record management policies tailored to your business.

Assessment of Records

We can assess your current and archived records to determine whether compliance is met.

Information Architecture

We can arrange the information architecture of your EDRMS including Office 365 and SharePoint online.

Training Opportunities

We can provide your staff with the essential training and knowledge on records management and the legal importance of GDPR.

Information Asset Audits

We can arrange information asset audits, management and determine who should be the person responsible for the assets (information asset owners and coordinators).

Handling Sensitive Data

We can handle your sensitive and critical data including: commercial, legal advice, personal data, management data and policy data.

In addition to our consultancy services, Storetec are also recognised as market leaders in the document scanning industry. We are proud to be able to offer our clients ‘the full package’ and can assist in document scanning, storage and shredding.

As part of the service we provide clients, we offer a FREE initial consultation meeting - no strings attached. The nature of the initial consultation meeting is not only to discuss your concerns and objectives but also for the Storetec consultant to gain an understanding into how your company operates.

If you are interested in arranging your initial consultation meeting, please get in touch today. 

How it works? 

● The first step to is to contact Storetec and explain your record management concerns and objectives. 

● A Storetec consultant will arrange a free, initial meeting to suit your diary. The meeting will give the consultant the opportunity to gain an insight into how your company operates.

● Understanding your key objectives, your appointed Storetec consultant will create a bespoke strategy and implement an effective records management system and ensure your company is GDPR compliant.


The Storetec team have been scanning, storing and managing critically important documents for well over 15 years.

We’re well known in our industry for our expertise, outstanding customer service and extremely high attention to detail. We've been voted the best Outsourcing BPO/Bureau Business of the Year by Document Manager Magazine 2017 and won Service/Support Company of the Year in 2016!


Our team have years of experience handling sensitive, business-critical information for both large and small organisations across the UK and worldwide.

Often these documents are the only copies in existence, so it's crucial we ensure protection and compliance at every level.

As part of the service we provide clients, we offer a FREE initial consultation meeting - no strings attached. 

The nature of the initial consultation meeting is not only to discuss your concerns and objectives but also for the Storetec consultant to gain an understanding into how your company operates.

If you are interested in arranging your initial consultation meeting, please contact us

When can I arrange my consultation for?

Anytime! Storetec's experienced consultants are available anytime to suit your diary! To arrange your free initial consultation, all you need to do is enter your details on the contact us page! 

What consultation services do Storetec provide?

The Storetec consultant can provide a range a services from the initial assessment and audit of your documents/current record management system to enforcing a bespoke strategy and specific policies to your business. Following consultation, Storetec can offer further services 'in house' by providing services in: document scanning, storage and destruction. 

What happens after my initial consultation? 

Your appointed Storetec consultant will compile a report of findings and necessary recommendations. This will highlight the areas where some form of document management would benefit. For example document scanning and storing documents electronically or secure document storage We are also able to advise and implement legal policies and offer training opportunities for staff within your company. We like to think we are entirely honest in our assessment and always advise on the most practical solution. 

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