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Data Capture Services

Scanning and capturing data from your business-critical documents

With our capture solution, you can analyse structured data from your paper records in a clear, readable format such as Excel, CSV or PDF.

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How does data capture work?

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1 - Collection

Our logistics team will arrange the collection of your forms/surveys from your office location, or set up a PO box if appropriate. 

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2 - Scanning

All paper documents will be scanned and outputted to a PDF format ready for data extraction.

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3 - Capture

Once in an electronic format, our indexing team will begin the process of extracting key data using sophisticated OCR and ICR technologies.

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4 - Delivery

Data will be formatted into a CSV/Excel file and transferred via SFTP or uploaded into your internal back-office system, for example, Sage/Oracle. 

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Data capture benefits 


Extracting crucial data from structured documents allows you to review data in a clear and readable database. You can use such collated data to compare results, analyse trends and most importantly, make well-informed business decisions.


Our data extraction process is extremely robust and is far more accurate than manual data capture processes completed by individual employees within businesses. Our solution eradicates common manual errors in misfiling, inaccurate data entry and lost paper, as well as saving resources, time and money.

Paper Control

As part of our data capture service, we will firstly digitise all paper documents into a PDF format. Access to complete scans of your documents may be useful for reference purposes in the future. Moreover, electronic access to such archives eradicates the physical storage cost.

Automated data capture

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR is the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer. OCR engines will break down any potential letter shapes, character-by-character, analyse the electronic image, and then translate the character image into text characters. The result is a string of characters and spaces, matched from the database of different font characters held within the OCR software.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

ICR is a more advanced form of OCR and can involve multiple OCR engines providing a higher level of accuracy. It can also be used to capture some handwritten information, especially on forms where the location, size and format of information can be restricted. ICR is also used in reading barcodes such as QR codes and is used in systems which employ artificial intelligence or machine learning.

Document scanning services 

If you're seeking a solution which is less complex than data capture, document scanning might be the right option for you. 

Whether you have 100 documents or 100,000,000 documents to be scanned, we will tailor a project plan to suit your exact requirement.

We'll take care of the collection and manual preparation of your documents (removing all the paperclips, staples, bindings etc). All you need to do is choose a date and time most convenient for the documents to be collected. 

We can scan your records in black & white or colour, at a resolution of up to 600dpi. As for output, PDF or TIFF are popular choices however we can adjust this to whatever format you require. 

Electronic images can be simply transferred to you via SFTP or uploaded into FreeDocs for you to access on an on-going basis. 

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Data capture services near me

If you're looking for a secure and experienced data capture provider, you will be pleased to know that Storetec provides its services across the UK and Worldwide. 

With a dedicated logistics team, we can collect your archive of documents from any office location or third-party storage provider across the UK or Worldwide. Our weekly collection points include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Southampton, Oxford and Wolverhampton.  

For on-going campaigns, we can set-up and manage a dedicated PO box; allowing us to receive and process incoming mail items on a daily basis. 

Award-winning data capture services

Our data capture service has been recognised globally, and we have been nominated for and won various awards over the years. We are proud to have been named by the Document Manager Magazine as BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Our cloud-based document management system FreeDocs also won Compliance Product of the Year 2020.

DM awards 2022 winner

Why Storetec

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All records are digitised in full compliance with British Standard BS 10008 for the 'Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility' of electronic documentation. Our scanning operations are regularly audited, and we're accredited to several world-recognised frameworks, including ISO 27001 for Information Security.

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With decades of experience in the document management industry, we're experts when it comes to digitising documents. Over the years we've invested in the latest scanning equipment enabling us to digitise a range of documents for some of the most well-known organisations across the world.

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Our state-of-the-art scanning bureau has been designed to meet the highest standards of document management, security and protection. In addition, all Storetec staff have signed been fully DBS checked and have signed non-disclosure agreements for your peace of mind. 

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