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Digital Mailroom.

Digital Mailroom is an efficient and secure future for your incoming mail and paper documents. In the digital era, all businesses are looking to increase their efficiency, streamline their processes and ensure that they maintain a high standard of security for themselves and their clients. Yet, many overlook a large area of their business in which they could make significant business improvements: incoming mail and document handling.

The future is digital, that much is clear. Paper based systems and media are declining while digital technology and resources increase.

The Digital Mailroom will help you free up valuable staff resources, reduce the need for office space, allow faster processing of documents and prevent the need for investment in on-site or offsite storage solutions. You can outsource the entire inbound mailroom operation, document distribution and document storage functions to a service provider such as Storetec.

You’ll be more efficient because…

You only need a fraction of your current resources to manage your daily post.

That means your employees can concentrate on your core business tasks, and you enjoy a cheaper, more productive way of working.

You can also outsource the entire digital mailroom service to us, including cheque banking and document destruction.

Save money on operational costs

Your new digital mailroom can include PO Box management, mail receipt, opening, handling, and electronic distribution of your incoming post.

You can also route the right documents to the right person without moving paper around your organisation.

A quicker, easier way to manage your mail

When you outsource to us, you'll stop lost or misplaced documents and speed up processing.

And we can give a full review of your paper processes so your digital mailroom matches your current workflows.

Go paperless and free up office space

We can store, shred and recycle your paper documents, and only return the items you need.

And you can host your digital files on our quick, easy-to-use online hosting system,

This gives you access to your documents 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

How does the Digital Mailroom work?

● You outsource your PO Box management, mail receipt, mail handling/opening and incoming post to Storetec

● We ensure that the right documents reach the right people digitally, without having to move paper around your organisation

● We prevent documents being misplaced and speed up the digital mail process

● We can store, shred and recycle your paper documents and only return items that you need

● Storetec can host your digital files on our quick, easy-to-use online hosting system, giving you access to your documents 24/7


The Storetec team have been scanning, storing and managing critically important documents for well over 15 years.

We’re well known in our industry for our expertise, outstanding customer service and extremely high attention to detail. We've been voted the best Outsourcing BPO/Bureau Business of the Year by Document Manager Magazine 2017 and won Service/Support Company of the Year in 2016!


Our team have years of experience handling sensitive, business-critical information for both large and small organisations across the UK and worldwide.

Often these documents are the only copies in existence, so it's crucial we ensure protection and compliance at every level.

Do you want a quicker, easier and safer way to manage your documents? Let’s talk...

Contact Details

● Tel: (0800) 612 4065

● Email: support@storetec.net

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Will the Storetec Digital Mail room save my organisation money?

Yes! Our Digital Mail room can include full P.O. Box Management, mail receipt, opening, handling and electronic distribution of your incoming post. You're also able to re-route the correct documents to the right person in your organisation, without needing to move paper from office to office.

Is a Storetec Mailroom likely to be more efficient than my current setup?

Yes! Once outsourced, the Storetec Mail room stops lost or misplaced documents by removing a lot of human error. We can speed up mail processing for your company and we can also give an in-depth review of your current paper journey, ensuring that your new digital mail room matches your current workflows and replaces time consuming components.

Will using a Digital Mail room give my company more physical space?

We can store, shred and recycle your paper documents and only return documents that you require. You can also host your digital files on our quick, easy to use online hosting system (FreeDocs). Giving you full document access, 24/7.

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