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Document Scanning Service

Digitising paper documents into secure & accessible electronic records. 

Storetec are leading providers of high-quality, accredited scanning services with one of the largest digitisation facilities in Europe. 

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Free consultation
  • Save time & resources
  • ISO 27001 Information Security 
  • Utilise office space
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management  
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • Support remote working
  • Bulk document scanning

How does our document scanning service work?

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1 - Collection

We will pack and collect the documents from your office through our internally managed fleet of tracked vehicles. For large-scale projects, a bulk document collection schedule will be arranged to suit your diary.

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2 - Preparation

On arrival, all archive boxes are booked onto our internal tracking system and transferred to production where each document is manually prepared for scanning (removal of paperclips & staples).

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3 - Scanning

Our experienced technicians will bulk scan your documents in B&W or colour, exporting the digital image to your preferred format (e.g.PDF). Electronic records will also be indexed and structured to suit your requirements. 

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4 - Delivery

Electronic documents are uploaded to the cloud, enabling flexible, remote access and effective document management. Alternatively, you can choose access via SFTP or an encrypted hard-drive. 


Document scanning benefits

Remote working

In today’s climate, it's now more important than ever that employees can access business-critical documents remotely. As we’ve learned, digital, flexible access could make the difference between continued operations and potential closure.

Save money & resources

With quick, efficient access to your paper documents, your employees can focus resources on important business activities. Digital access to documents also means you no longer have to pay on-going storage fees to retain your paper archives. 

Enhanced security

Digital access to documents removes the risk of misplacing or losing important information. You can implement encryption, password protection, and access controls, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access sensitive information.

Improved compliance

With an inventory of all records, you can easily manage retention guidelines and ensure your business is GDPR compliant.

Easy access and retrieval

Digital documents can be easily organised and indexed, making it quick and simple to find specific information through keyword searches. This eliminates the time-consuming process of manually searching through physical files. 

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Why Storetec?

Many businesses today are deciding to switch to a digital archive using document scanning as a solution. Here at Storetec, we offer a range of document scanning services across the entire UK with our specialised doorstep collection service to businesses both in the Public and Private sector. Storetec are one of the leading UK document scanning companies for document scanning services. The experience built by digitising millions of documents per month ensures that you will be given the best advice and assistance with the facts and the options necessary to help.

Continued investment in the latest equipment from the worlds best manufacturers ensures that our services are second to none. If you're considering a document scanning project, speak to Storetec, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

What is document scanning?

Document scanning is the process used to capture information contained on paper documents and convert it into electronic documents such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG.

The reality today is that every smartphone or digital camera can capture an image off a piece of paper and present it digitally.This is ok if you have a handful of pages but what if you have thousands, or hundreds of thousands?

For anything more than a few pages you will need specialist equipment. Today’s imaging equipment can range in price from a few hundred pounds for a basic desktop machine through to hundreds of thousands for the latest, state-of-the-art production machines.

What happens when I outsource my document scanning?

Consultation - Initially we like to have a face to face meeting which is offered free of charge, in order to understand your current circumstances, objectives and future scanning needs. At this meeting, we will review the archived documentation you have and provide you with formal advice on the most cost-effective scanning solution. We will then create a tailored proposal document for you including the estimated cost to complete the project. To arrange a free consultation, simply contact us.

Collection - The logistics team will contact you to arrange the most convenient date and time to collect the documents from your premises, offsite storage or an incumbent storage provider. We collect from across the UK and Europe, so it doesn't matter where you're based. The volume doesn't matter either, whether it’s a small project of several archive boxes or a large project of several thousand, we handle all of the logistics for you.

Production- Once in production, each box of documents is allocated to the preparation team who remove all fastenings, folders, staples, paperclips and bindings. Each team member is only allocated 1 box at a time and completes the preparation of this box before commencing a new one to eliminate any chance of document cross-contamination during document scanning.

Access - We can return the digital images to you either via a downloadable link or an encrypted hard drive. Alternatively, you may choose to access the images online using our cloud-based hosting system, FreeDocs. 

Store or Shred - Depending on what you need, we either take your original paper documents back to your premises, store them in our facility, and/or shred and recycle them in line with your document retention policy.

Will I need to keep the original documents?

All the documents we digitise are processed in full compliance with British Standard Institute BS10008 for the 'evidential weight and legal admissibility of information stored electronically', meaning you don't necessarily need to keep the paper copy. If you're nervous about shredding, we can place your documents in secure storage for as long as you need. 

Is it better for us to perform bulk document scanning in-house or to outsource the project?

This depends on your needs and volumes. If you have a very small volume of documents, it’s probably best to digitise the documents yourself using small desktop scanner. If you have large volumes (i.e. many thousands), it’s best to outsource the scanning to a professional document scanning company like Storetec. This will cost you less than investing in equipment, software and the largest cost of all, manpower.

We use high quality, high-speed imaging equipment from manufacturers around the world, which generate excellent image quality and keep costs down due to their speed. You also benefit from our quality assurance procedures and ISO quality standards.

How can I be sure my data is in good hands?

We understand how sensitive and confidential your data is, so let us assure you, we have all the accreditations and security provisions in place to take care of your records. We handle sensitive data on a regular basis and our staff have gone through a strict vetting procedure, as well as signing a non-disclosure agreement that covers them for life. If in doubt, visit us for a tour around the production bureau, we know you won't be disappointed.

How much does a document scanning service cost?

We offer a FREE, no-obligation quote for our document scanning services. All you have to do is call (0800) 612 4065 or fill out our online form. Remember, all paper documents are different so document scanning prices will depend on a variety of details including quality, size and volume.

Decades of experience

The Storetec team have been scanning, storing, and managing critical business documents for decades. With one of the largest scanning bureaus in Europe, we are capable of digitising any type of document you have including A3, A2, A1 and larger large format drawings, books, medical records, old archives, microfiche, microfilm, and more.

Every scanning project starts with us an initial face-to-face or virtual consultation to provide free advice on the best way to approach the project. With our years of experience, we can also advise on retention guidelines, GDPR, and all other critical considerations. Simply contact us to arrange your free consultation today. 

quality checking a scanned document against original
Bulk document scanning

Bulk document scanning

Frequently preferred by organisations dealing with extensive historical paper records, this service enables clients to transform their entire archives into easily searchable digital files. The advantages include space savings, enhanced data security and accessibility, disaster recovery, regulatory compliance, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. For added security, many clients opt to maintain a digital backup of their archives in our cloud document management system, FreeDocs.

Local document scanning services

If you're looking for a secure and experienced document scanning company, then look no further.

With a dedicated logistics team, we can collect your archive of documents from any office location or third-party storage provider across the UK or Worldwide. Our weekly collection points include London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Southampton, Oxford and Wolverhampton.

If you have offices outside of the EU, we will create a tailored collection schedule utilising air freight and shipping as the main mode of transportation.

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Why Storetec

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All records are digitised in full compliance with British Standard BS 10008 for the 'Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility' of electronic documentation. Our scanning operations are regularly audited, and we're accredited to several world-recognised frameworks, including ISO 27001 for Information Security.

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With decades of experience in the document management industry, we're experts when it comes to digitising documents. Over the years we've invested in the latest scanning equipment enabling us to digitise a range of documents for some of the most well-known organisations across the world.

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Our state-of-the-art scanning bureau has been designed to meet the highest standards of document management, security and protection. In addition, all Storetec staff have been fully DBS checked and have signed non-disclosure agreements for your peace of mind. 

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Document Shredding

Following project completion, we can arrange for your paper documents to be securely shredded in line with British Standards. All paper waste is 100% recycled.

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Are some of your paper documents larger than A4 in size? No problem! We can scan documents from A2, A1, A0 - 4A0 in size.

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