Forward Scanning at Storetec

Forward Scanning Service

Save money and space on storage

Because we scan and digitise your new paper documents at regular intervals, there’s no need to keep them in hefty filing cabinets. 

So you’ll free up office space and cut down storage costs at the same time.

Imagine never having to search for records again

With a secure, online document hosting system like ours, you can store your archives in one safe place. And we can index everything to match with your existing filing system. 

That means no more searching, no more wasted time and no more lost documents. The next time you need a document fast, you’ll be able find it in seconds.

Share data instantly with your UK and worldwide departments

You get instant, 24/7 access to your documents through our secure, cloud-based hosting system, FreeDocs

And everyone in your organisation, whether they’re based in the UK or worldwide, can access and share this data as and when they need to.

Fast turnaround of your business-critical documents

Depending on your needs, we can include daily receipts of your business-critical data. That way your staff can enjoy a digital, paperless, more efficient way of working.

Works in harmony with your business processes

Whether you need to digitise and access your documents every day or every month, we'll set up a regular scanning process that integrates smoothly with how you work from day-to-day.

How does forward scanning work?

  1. Your new paper documents are automatically redirected to us. The most common way to do this is through a post box redirect
  2. We scan and digitise your documents at regular intervals in line with your business needs and processes
  3. We send you the scanned, digitised versions. This helps you adopt a more streamlined, paperless way of working

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