Scan on Demand at Storetec

Scan on Demand Service

Quicker access to your information

Thanks to our online portal, you can request a stored document from wherever you are in the world. Then we’ll scan, digitise and send it to you within minutes, saving you valuable time. 

We’ll even store a digital copy on our secure, cloud-based hosting system, FreeDocs, for easy access in the future.

And we can scan, digitise and store the rest of your paper archive over a period of time that suits you.

Manage your budget easier

Our flexible and affordable scan on demand service lets you pay as you go. So you’ll find it much easier to budget than scanning and digitising all your paper archive at once.

A better, greener, space-saving way to work

Your paper archive is stored and protected in our safe offsite facility. And digital copies of your documents will be available to you instantly as and when you need them. 

No more searching. No more long delays. No more hefty filing cabinets.

So you’ll save office space, boost your eco credentials and enjoy a more productive way of working.

View our Facts of Paper and Document Storage video over on our blog

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