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With Storetec, you have the peace of mind to know your business critical documents are in safe hands.

Your documents are sealed and stored in our state-of-the-art,humidity controlled facility, ensuring readability and integrity for decades.

We protect your paper archive with the latest monitored fire detection and intruder alarms, coded entry access, CCTV and out of hours security patrols.

Our industry-leading, barcode-based tracking system minimises the risk of mislaid or wrongly-labelled files and boxes. We also keep audit trails to ensure you follow data protection legislation.

We maintain a local service to corporate standards and operate to ISO 9001.

View our Facts of Paper and Document Storage video over on  our blog.

Quick and hassle-free document management

Imagine having your own virtual filing cabinet for your archive. That’s how we like to think of our document storage and  records management facility.

With our  scan on demand service, there’s no need to search through masses of paperwork.

All you need to do is request the document you need. Then we digitise it and send it to you in as little as two hours.

You can also access files 24/7 from anywhere in the world with our online hosting system, FreeDocs. So you’re always in complete control of your documents.

Enjoy risk-free document retention

Whether you need to keep your documents for months, years or decades, we’ll take care of them throughout their entire lifecycle.

We let you know when it’s time to sign off on documents due for destruction. Once you give us authorisation, we shred and recycle them in line with your retention policy and data protection.

Save space and be more ecofriendly

With a secure, offsite storage and records management facility like ours, there’s no need to keep your paper archive onsite anymore.

So you can say goodbye to hefty filing cabinets, put your newfound space to better use and boost your eco credentials at the same time.

We guarantee to deliver on time

As well as scanned retrievals, we offer priority delivery of your physical files or boxes to make sure you keep to tight timescales.

How does document storage work?

● Your paper documents are sealed and stored in our state-of-the-art, humidity-controlled facility, ensuring readability and integrity for decades

● Our facility is monitored by fire detection and intruder systems, with coded entry access, CCTV and out of hours security patrols.

● Storetec offers industry leading, barcode based tracking systems that minimise the risk of mislaid or wrongly labelled files and boxes.

● Storetec maintain an audit trail, ensuring that we follow the latest data protection legislation.


The Storetec team have been scanning, storing and managing critically important documents for well over 15 years.

We’re well known in our industry for our expertise, outstanding customer service and extremely high attention to detail. We've been voted the best Outsourcing BPO/Bureau Business of the Year by Document Manager Magazine 2017 and won Service/Support Company of the Year in 2016!


Our team have years of experience handling sensitive, business-critical information for both large and small organisations across the UK and worldwide.

Often these documents are the only copies in existence, so it's crucial we ensure protection and compliance at every level.

Do you want a quicker, easier and safer way to manage your documents? Let’s talk...

Contact Details

● Tel: (0800) 612 4065

● Email: support@storetec.net

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How are my documents stored?

Your important company documents are tightly sealed and stored in our state-of-the-art, humidity controlled facility. This ensures that documents remain readable and maintain their physical integrity for years to come.

How long can I store my documents with Storetec?

You can store your critical documents for months, years or even decades! Storetec will take care of them through-out their lifecycle. You'll also be able to access your documents 24/7 from anywhere in the world, as soon as they've been digitised, using our amazing FreeDocs software.

Does it save space, time and money?

With our secure, offsite storage and records management facility, there's no requirement to keep your paper archive in your own building. Saving lots of space!

You can say goodbye to staff spending hours hunting for files or folders in several large cabinets, cutting down on lost staff time and put your new found space to better use, while also boosting your eco credentials.

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