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i-Trac Records Management

Records Management Product of the Year

Self-manage your archive in storage by requesting shredding services, arranging scan on demand retrievals and ordering flatpack boxes.

  • Save resources
  • Free trial
  • Effective records management 
  • ISO 27001, 9001 & 14001 accredited
  • Manage document retention
  • Physical & digital retrievals 

What is i-Trac?

i-Trac records management has been specially designed by Storetec to give businesses full visibility and control over their paper documents in storage. 

Some of i-Trac's records management features include: 

  • The ability to review a real-time inventory of boxes in storage, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage retention periods effectively with the ability to search by and arrange the destruction of boxes which reach their retention date.
  • Order additional storage boxes/ shredding sacks/ labels as and when required.
  • Schedule collections for additional boxes to be placed into storage.
  • Arrange the digital retrieval of any box in storage. We will pull the box from storage, digitise the contents and transfer the electronic document to you within 8 hours of the request.
  • Arrange the physical retrieval of any box in storage. You can choose either standard or next day delivery depending on the urgency of access.
  • Access the order audit log to review the details of all orders processed on the account. This is extremely beneficial for cost analysis and security provisions.
  • Add custom indexing fields you may need to search by.
  • Add item descriptions on the content of the archive boxes.
  • Custom Requests.
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itrac records management

Records management benefits


With i-Trac, records management has never been easier! You can arrange the destruction of boxes which have met their retention date, order more flatpacks for storage and request the digital retrieval of any records without even picking up the phone! To make life even easier, i-Trac can be accessed 24/7, anywhere in world meaning whether you’re working from home or travelling to and from meetings, you can keep on top of your records management tasks. 

Retention Management

Having an archive retention procedure is not only important for regulatory compliance but also ensures that you’re not paying unnecessary storage costs for records which have surpassed their retention. With i-Trac you can apply indexing data and run custom searches to identify boxes in relation to retention dates.

Retrieval Access

i-Trac facilitates the retrieval process allowing clients to request access to both physical and scanned copies of their documents. At the click of a button, you can request a retrieval for documentation required for an audit, HMRC request or HR issue. On receipt of the request, Storetec will retrieve, digitise and transfer the scanned documents to you within just 8 working hours.

Effectively manage your documents in storage 

i-Trac has been designed by Storetec to assist businesses with the effective management of their records in storage. 

With several state-of-the-art storage facilities, we have the capabilities to store any number of boxes you have; whether its one box of personal documents or 100,000 boxes of business-critical records to be retained for years to come.                         

All storage facilities have been designed with security in mind and feature: restricted building access controls, internal and external CCTV, monitored fire and intruder alarms, perimeter fencing and more.

We even provide a scan on demand service, allowing you to digitally access any document in storage within just eight working hours.

If you have a substantial archive of boxes and don't know where to start, why not arrange an on-site consultation? One of our experienced consultants will complete a free audit of the archive and talk you through the storage process step by step.

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Award-winning services

Our storage services have been recognised globally, and we have been nominated for and won various awards over the years. We are proud to have been named by the Document Manager Magazine as BPO/Outsourcing/Bureau Business of the Year in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Our cloud-based document management system FreeDocs also won Compliance Product of the Year 2020.

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Why Storetec

Accreditations icon


All scanning and storage operations are regularly audited and we're accredited to several world-recognised frameworks including ISO 27001 for Information Security and ISO 9001 for Quality Management, in addition to being GDPR compliant and awarded the Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

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With decades of experience in the document management industry, we're experts when it comes to storing documents. Over the years we've invested in the several high-security storage facilities enabling us to deliver quality storage solutions to some of the most well-known organisations across the world.

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Our storage facilities have been designed to meet the highest standards of security and protection with CCTV, coded building access controls and perimeter fencing. All Storetec staff have been fully DBS checked in addition to signing non-disclosure agreements for your peace of mind. 

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Connected Services

Document Storage Services
Document Storage

i-Trac has been specially designed to help you manage your archive boxes in secure storage. Read more about about our document storage solution today. 

Document Shredding Services
Document Shredding

On i-Trac, you can eve request for documents in storage which have surpassed their retention date to be securely shredded.

Document Scanning Services
Document Scanning

Need frequent access to your documents in storage? Why not go down the document scanning route and benefit from quick and convenient access to your documentation. 

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